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Is Herbal Tea a TEA or not a TEA?

Well, an herbal tea is not TEA. If it does not have the leaves from the tea plant, Camilla Sinensis, then it is referred to as an infusion, not a tea. There are two varietals of Camellia Sinensis, sinensis and assamica, one of these must be in the tea for it to be called tea.  Herbal infusions are often made from herbal leaves, roots, bark, seeds or flowers. Herbal teas are caffeine free and often rather soothing and calming depending on the herbs used.  Depending on the herbs infused into the water, the herbal tea can be very beneficial to the drinker without the caffeine.  Herbs can be classified into many categories such as carminatives, adaptogens, diaphoretics, demulcents, bitters, astringents, nutritive, just to name a few.  Often one herb can have many health benefits and when combined together a powerful punch of flavor too!

Written by our FREAKY FRIEND Baljit Sidhu, 
Certified Nutritionist & Tea Sommelier 

Freaky Fact: Tea leaves are edible! Traditionally tea was prepared as a food dish called Lahpet, consumed by inhabitants of Myanmar (formerly Burma).